Monday, June 23, 2008


Been out for walks - out bush with Geraldine - (breeder of our Jack Russell's) as she is up in Kal visiting and friends with our dogs. Walking 5kms each time over the last few days my poor legs are feeling it as I donot normally walk that far and at the pace Geraldine sets. Blaze gets half way around and attempts to fine the shortest route home through the bush.

Sunday morning managed to get to do some off my embellisher course. Yes! Was going great guns when my embellisher died. Not very impressed as I still had lots to do! But Fred (local sewing machine repairer) has looked at it and there is a problem with the foot control. He has lent me another foot control until mine is repaired so I am back in business. Lovely man.

Sari fabric embellished into felt Hard work in some places to convinve the fabric to stay in place

Bits and pieces cut and added to felt with organza over the top to hold everything in place. Then needs some embroidery on the top.

Varigated Adore nylon embellished into felt then organza embellished over the top. Used as a base to do the ATC below. Time consuming but a great result.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Embellisher Course

Two posts today after not posting for over a month.

May was really busy with a quick trip over a weekend (8.5hours one way) to celebrate my Mothers 70th birthday and then a last minute decision to go to the Craft Fair in Perth at the end of May.
I have joined Dale's Online Embellisher course - great fun! Thanks Dale.

I have had my embellisher for a year now and already had great fun with it making ATC's and an entry for an Art & Craft Exhibition in Perth run by my friend Angela through her work. Did not win anything. So I have not done Lesson 1 although there are great ideas I am going to try as this is what I wanted out of the course.

I ironed painted vliesofix to felt, then embellished srim and organisa ribbon on top then beaded with the gold beads.


I came home on Wednesday night to find this on the outside table.

My DH had received some goodies at work packed in all this ribbon! Great to add to the craft stash.

Deb went home with a large bag and we are now decided on a challenge to use some.