Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 11 to Day 25

Day 11 - Cushla's stitches came out today but he still has his "lampshade" on to stop him licking the wound site.

He can start to walk a bit on the leg now.

Cage Dancing!  His mate was happy to see him home again

 Day 15 -  The "lampshade" has come off but he is still in pain and not very happy.  But starting to put some weight on the leg at a very slow walk on his trips outside for the loo!

Day 24 - While Cushla enjoys his freedom on the couch, his "bed" is tested out!  He is starting to walk a lot better too!

Day 25 - Company this morning!  Waiting to go and see the vet.

9am saw the vet and been given the all clear to start more exercise! 
He will be very happy with that as he is getting really fed up with the cage. 

Things you see out on your walk in the morning!  
The peacock males from Hammond Park must have found something interesting to eat!