Monday, September 15, 2008

Not Lost!

I notice my last post was 25 July! Not lost just been away. We decided to hitch up the caravan and head for the coast - not Esperance which is five hour drive from here but Denham 22 hours later. Long drive but great to get away and see more of the country

Denham from the beach below the lookout.

There was lots of work to do before we left and I have been catching up since getting back. The time in Denham was lovely with great weather - sun on the body after the cold in Kalgoorlie. DH went fishing with little luck but was testing and learning as this is a new venture for him.

We spent one day at Monkey Mia to see the dolphins and the pelicans and have a walk with the dogs on a different beach.

The one great enjoyment was the wild flowers out closer to the coast, as up and in from Kalgoorlie in very dry.

The white Everlastings near Billabong on the Northwest highway

The yellow Everlastings on the side of the road in to Denham

Pink Everlastings near Mullewa - area know for the great wildflowers.

The greatest find was the wreath flowers out at Pindar. Growing on the side of the road in a small area. You can see the foot prints of the tourist having a look at the flowers. They are amazing growing out from the centre and all the flower around the outside.