Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Month Passed

Well Dad is improving slowly but happier in his home enviroment. We will catch up with them for Christmas.
I have managed to have a bit of a crafty play. Using Lynda Monk's techiniqueof painting quilts. I did the following sample but still have to work out how to finish it. Loved have fun - thanks Lynda and many more ideas to for in the New Year.

Our last get together for the year Deb opened her envelope with me to share with me all the packages for her twelve days of Christmas swap. Thanks Deb and I have enjoyed following them on your blog.

Deb with all her parcels!

Enjoyed the annual St Barbara's parade down Hannan Street of the different mining gear. Below is the big haul pack from the Superpit. Just manages to fit down one side of the street!

Had an ATC trade with Domi and Claudine in France at the beginning of November. Also been learning about France as I walk every Thursday with a lady that has moved here to Australia

Lovely embroderied ATC from Domi

Two lovely ATC's done by Claudine