Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Month Passed

Well Dad is improving slowly but happier in his home enviroment. We will catch up with them for Christmas.
I have managed to have a bit of a crafty play. Using Lynda Monk's techiniqueof painting quilts. I did the following sample but still have to work out how to finish it. Loved have fun - thanks Lynda and many more ideas to for in the New Year.

Our last get together for the year Deb opened her envelope with me to share with me all the packages for her twelve days of Christmas swap. Thanks Deb and I have enjoyed following them on your blog.

Deb with all her parcels!

Enjoyed the annual St Barbara's parade down Hannan Street of the different mining gear. Below is the big haul pack from the Superpit. Just manages to fit down one side of the street!

Had an ATC trade with Domi and Claudine in France at the beginning of November. Also been learning about France as I walk every Thursday with a lady that has moved here to Australia

Lovely embroderied ATC from Domi

Two lovely ATC's done by Claudine

Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Month Gone

Another month has passed again. I have been busy with work and then had my parents come for a visit but Dad decided to test the medical facilities here in Kal and then in Perth via the Flying Doctor. Which left Mum and I driving to Perth to see what he was upto.
A big thank you to all those that helped with Dad here in Kal, you did a great job! Thank You

I entered two of my quilts I did for the Aus/NZ Art Quilters monthly journal quilts. We are given a Theme and Technique for each month and have to make an A4 size quilt using either or both ideas. I started well but have the ideas for the quilts for the end of the year but have not made them. I want to go down to the exhibition and photograph them in place and will then share them with you.
This was an embellished ATC I sewed onto a quilted background as farewell present for a friend. Must do some more with the embellishing machine it has had a long enough holiday.

Friday, October 17, 2008

What Twice in One Week

I have increased my internet "allowance" and going to try and at least blog once a week. I will have Deb to remind me!

My first award!

I thank Deb for the Blogging Friends Forever award and being new to blogging keep forgetting to ask on Wednesday's about the etiquette of blogging awards thus the delay in acknowledging the award.

The rules are: for passing on the award are:
1. Only five people allowed
2. Four of them have to be dedicated followers of your blog and one has to be new and live in another part of the world.
3. You have to link back to who gave you the award.

This is not easy as alot of friends read my blog but are not bloggers themselves.
So I pass this award onto
Cait at this time.

I managed to get the afternoon yesterday to start on some ATC's and hope to finish them tonight. I have used all the scraps and bits from other projects.

I had to share this photo of one of the Supervisors.

Quite happy to sit in anything!

A worry! But what is going through that brain?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Caught Up!

I have been really busy with work since returning from holiday,then had a visit from my sister with her husband and two little boys, took a few days to recover once they left and then the flu struck. The craft side has not progressed very far at all. I did make an ATC for a Angela as a thank you for going shopping for me in Perth before coming up to Kalgoorlie. I used some hand dyed fabric which I had stamped on then covered with organza, added the lace, FME and added the flowers and a bead for the centre.

I will share with you in a later post a photo of my flower stash. Deb did admire and comment on the stash the first time she saw it.

Deb and I attended the local Spring Festival on Sunday. There were a few stalls were we parted with our money and returned home with goodies to an to the stash!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Not Lost!

I notice my last post was 25 July! Not lost just been away. We decided to hitch up the caravan and head for the coast - not Esperance which is five hour drive from here but Denham 22 hours later. Long drive but great to get away and see more of the country

Denham from the beach below the lookout.

There was lots of work to do before we left and I have been catching up since getting back. The time in Denham was lovely with great weather - sun on the body after the cold in Kalgoorlie. DH went fishing with little luck but was testing and learning as this is a new venture for him.

We spent one day at Monkey Mia to see the dolphins and the pelicans and have a walk with the dogs on a different beach.

The one great enjoyment was the wild flowers out closer to the coast, as up and in from Kalgoorlie in very dry.

The white Everlastings near Billabong on the Northwest highway

The yellow Everlastings on the side of the road in to Denham

Pink Everlastings near Mullewa - area know for the great wildflowers.

The greatest find was the wreath flowers out at Pindar. Growing on the side of the road in a small area. You can see the foot prints of the tourist having a look at the flowers. They are amazing growing out from the centre and all the flower around the outside.

Friday, July 25, 2008


I have done my BAS (Yes!!) and now have to do DH's, but first with work committments I could not join the plastic inchies swap through Aus/NZ Art Quilts. I enjoyed watching Deb make hers, then on Wednesday a lovely surprise Deb had made a set for me. Thanks Deb

I had another surprise on Tuesday night with this lovely postcard from Heather. We belong to the same local patchwork group but both enjoy our fiber art more than quilting.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back Again

Another month has gone since my last post. How time flies!! I have been busy with work and then hassles with changing the Internet to wireless and then back as it would not let us network our computers.

My DH went to watch the rugby at the weekend so the embellisher was given pride of place in the lounge after finding a new light bulb and replacing needles after they had shattered, I had fun finishing off projects for my embellisher course with Dale at Thread Studio.

Wool embellished onto the felt in a cross hatch pattern and the flowers and beads sewn on.

Purple slushies (wool/silk mix) purchased from Dale at the Thread Studio then purple wool embellished on top, cut into 1 1/2" strips and woven together. The flower is embellished organza ribbon.

Postcard and ATC. Knitted background having been embellished onto painted vliosfix. The knitted squares where embellished too and the sewn on with colonial knots and the flowers attached. I can sit and knit for no reason now other than wanting to make backgrounds for art.

An ATC foliage swap with Deb here in Kalgoolie and Cait in Bunbury who Deb and I hope to meet soon.

Deb Annie


Monday, June 23, 2008


Been out for walks - out bush with Geraldine - (breeder of our Jack Russell's) as she is up in Kal visiting and friends with our dogs. Walking 5kms each time over the last few days my poor legs are feeling it as I donot normally walk that far and at the pace Geraldine sets. Blaze gets half way around and attempts to fine the shortest route home through the bush.

Sunday morning managed to get to do some off my embellisher course. Yes! Was going great guns when my embellisher died. Not very impressed as I still had lots to do! But Fred (local sewing machine repairer) has looked at it and there is a problem with the foot control. He has lent me another foot control until mine is repaired so I am back in business. Lovely man.

Sari fabric embellished into felt Hard work in some places to convinve the fabric to stay in place

Bits and pieces cut and added to felt with organza over the top to hold everything in place. Then needs some embroidery on the top.

Varigated Adore nylon embellished into felt then organza embellished over the top. Used as a base to do the ATC below. Time consuming but a great result.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Embellisher Course

Two posts today after not posting for over a month.

May was really busy with a quick trip over a weekend (8.5hours one way) to celebrate my Mothers 70th birthday and then a last minute decision to go to the Craft Fair in Perth at the end of May.
I have joined Dale's Online Embellisher course - great fun! Thanks Dale.

I have had my embellisher for a year now and already had great fun with it making ATC's and an entry for an Art & Craft Exhibition in Perth run by my friend Angela through her work. Did not win anything. So I have not done Lesson 1 although there are great ideas I am going to try as this is what I wanted out of the course.

I ironed painted vliesofix to felt, then embellished srim and organisa ribbon on top then beaded with the gold beads.


I came home on Wednesday night to find this on the outside table.

My DH had received some goodies at work packed in all this ribbon! Great to add to the craft stash.

Deb went home with a large bag and we are now decided on a challenge to use some.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Almost a Month!

Almost a month since I last did a blog post - where has April gone?

Spent the long weekend making hand bags.

My first ones I made were from the D'Arcy-Jean Milne book "Fabric Leftovers" using all my scraps of fabric and lace and fat quarters that I had won as door prizes at our local craft group and having fun with the stitches on my machine. Really happy that the local sewing shop (which is closing down - very sad) has found the attachment to go on my machine from the computer so that I can change the embroidery stitches when I want.

I have found some other patterns for larger and different shape bags so had fun making them

Larger bags

I have more of the larger ones cut and ready to sew. I have altered the pattern so that a whole bag will come out of a fat quarter so using up some of my stash.

Friday, April 4, 2008


I have not managed to do any thing creative since Easter. Hopeful Sunday be spent at the sewing machine trying to make a bag with the silk paper I made at Easter

This is a picture of a journal cover done as a gift for Morgan when she left work to travel the world for a year.

I have been trying to add the signature to my blog but with little luck. It is on this posting but we will have to see what happens next posting.

We will have our neighbours back again this weekend. They bulldozed down their old wood and fibro home last July and received their keys last night for their new brick four by two home. Cushla will be in his element having two dogs he can hassle now.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

ATC's Arrived

My first ATC swap arrived last week to start my collection.
Thanks to Diana for organizing the swap.
Thank you to

Rayna Shone, Jane Monk,Evie Harris, Amelia Ruscoe

Rayna Shone, Diana Bahler

I have painted a paper bag with black paint and then sprayed with Glitz Spritz. I intended to use Medieval Gold but in my last order from Dale she miss read the labels and sent Tumbleweed Sage instead of Purple Sage. Wonderful mistake as the colour is gorgeous on the black (the photo does not show the full effect) The bottle is nearly finished so I will have to order more but will have make sure she reads the label correctly!

The weekend was not greative at all. DH went to Perth to the rugby and returned with new supplies and a parcel from Angela but work has got in the way of having fun.

The flower from the Belladonna lily. The bulb was given to me by a fellow quilter a few years ago and this is the first year it has flowered.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Weekends Craft Time

Friday I had a great time making silk paper. Below is three samples - the blue piece is big enough to try and make a hand bag and the other two I will make postcards from them.

I then had a play with the paper napkins I found and made some fabric paper backgrounds.

The above piece of fabric paper with all the lines on I was going to try some embroidery on using the ideas from the Bridget Hoff book Paper Quilting and from the CPS artticle by Annette Morgan. This will give me something to do on a Wednesday night. Looking forward to our craft evening tonight to see all the things Deb has been upto this Easter.

My ATC sent to NZ for my first ATC swap so looking forward to going to the post office today to see what has arrived in the mail. Easter has slowed the mail down! The ATC was made fusing a napkin onto felt, free motion stitching the flower in No 12 cotton, sealing the card with Acrylic Wax and the attaching the beads. Great fun to make so have some ideas for the pieces I made above.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Happy Easter to all

Today is planned as a crafty day with making silk paper for some hand bags and then finishing off some paper I painted last weekend.

Out shopping last Friday I found these great serviettes in a shop in Kalgoorlie. I have sent Deb to look this week and we will share the bounty.

I also went shopping at Thread Studio and the parcel arrived on Monday with some great Glitz Spritz colours and books.

We have two Jack Russell's. They come every where with us and this is them in the car on the trip to Cervantes.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Quick Note

Just a quick note to thank all those that have visited by blog.

We had a long weekend here in Western Australia so took a few extra days off and went to visit my parents living in Cervantes - an eight and half hour journey there from Kalgoorlie - lots of sock knitting achieved. Wonderful to have a walk on the beach.

Mum had my time organized to give some of her friends free machine embroidery lessons and also a lesson on the embellisher machine.

On our return home no washing could be done until Rob had repaired the water leak that he discovered just before we left. Now repaired so lots of washing to catch up on. The washing will not take long to dry with our 40 degree day today. No one has told the weather autumn has started!

Monday, February 25, 2008

First Blog

Well I have started my blog. Thanks to Deb's encouragement and to share with those friends far and wide.

The photo is the "Beige Inchies" swap. First attempt at inchies - great fun