Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Over

Easter and Anzac weekends DH has been paving out the back off the office with me as TA or Site Supervisor so very little craft has been done. We are using old pavers so the project has not been easy but will look good when all the work is complete.

Started some postcards for Unique Stitching fundraiser for the Red Cross so must continue with them.

Will post during the week with photo's of our handiwork and of the goodies the postie delivered!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekends Results!


I tried to over dye a piece of cotton dress fabric with not very good results, but Linda had sent me a receipe for Scrunched Layer Dyeing so as everything was out I gave it a go! Results below but.....
in all the excitement I forget the cardinal rule of NOT to mix opposite colours together!!!!.
The results where a bit muddy and not very strong colours so Sunday back they went into two other colour dyes and I am much happier with the results.
The above fabrics were only in the dye bath for two hours which was not long enough. With further reading, someone recommended the minimum time for a dye bath is four hours so the second round was in for five hours and a much stronger result. Big learning curve for the weekend!

The dyes are all out now so will have some more fun soon!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Inspiring Weekend

I joined the "No Theme ATC Swap" in February and had great fun making the below ATC's with a technique I found on Fannie's blog - putting watercolour oil pastels on the fabric in the rough shape of your design and then free motion stitching the design. Love the technique and will be having more fun in the following weeks. Thank you also to Carole for sharing the blog.

I recieved these ATC's from Diana last week for the 'No Theme Swap' Thank you to everyone for the great 'little' works of art. My collections is slowly growing!

Jane Howie, Karen Dean, Les Clarke

Alison Christensen, Cherie Hoyle, Marilyn Wilson

DH has gone to Perth - shopping, for the rugby and a Who concert so I have got the Procion dyes out to have some fun. Thank you to Linda for all her help to, I will share the results with you later. For once I managed to find all the ingredients here in Kal and not have to wait for the Postie to arrive.

Now off to get the sewing machine out to do some quilting to dye as per C June Barnes book Stitching to Dye in Quilt Art

I found this mystery flower in the garden last week.

Lovely yellow - my favorite colour but it has taken a while to discover what it is. I set Mum a task and she has discovered it is a Spider Lily.

Strange things happen in my garden!