Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 11 to Day 25

Day 11 - Cushla's stitches came out today but he still has his "lampshade" on to stop him licking the wound site.

He can start to walk a bit on the leg now.

Cage Dancing!  His mate was happy to see him home again

 Day 15 -  The "lampshade" has come off but he is still in pain and not very happy.  But starting to put some weight on the leg at a very slow walk on his trips outside for the loo!

Day 24 - While Cushla enjoys his freedom on the couch, his "bed" is tested out!  He is starting to walk a lot better too!

Day 25 - Company this morning!  Waiting to go and see the vet.

9am saw the vet and been given the all clear to start more exercise! 
He will be very happy with that as he is getting really fed up with the cage. 

Things you see out on your walk in the morning!  
The peacock males from Hammond Park must have found something interesting to eat!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Day One

We have Cushla home after his cruciate surgery.  
Thank you to Gail Marjie and all the staff at The Animal Hospital for looking after him as he is not the easiest patient. Now the recovery begins.

One very unhappy Cushla!
This is his home for the next three months.
One not sure, what is going on Lena as her mate will not go out to play with her!

Out of the cage getting some warmth into the bones and some love from mum!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013



No crafting has been done in the last couple of weeks.  First I managed to hurt my back digging over the vegetable patch then the Cushla has done his cruciate ligament in his right knee - chasing Mudlarks!!!

He was suppose to have his op yesterday but there were some emergency surgeries so he is being operated on today.  We left him at the vet over night as he is not an easy dog for others to handle, I am told his disposition has greatly improved this morning which is good news.  Things happen for a reason and this is one of them.  But his little mate is missing him!

He will not enjoy being in a small cage so the next three months are going to be very interesting! I am going to have on very bored Jack Russell!  

Get better quick my friend!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


We had a weekend of pruning the garden, doesnot take long for the shrubs to get out of hand, but the birds love them with all the flowers out at the moment. 

Not had a chance to do much last week but below are a sample of the 32 Christmas cards I sent to Judy in Southern Cross to sell this weekend at the Southern Cross Collectors Fair Car Show and Swapmeet - 28 and 29 September to raise funds for the Southern Cross hospital.  I did add some other cards I had made and Lydia kindly added to this pile too.  Good luck with the stall Judy

I used the papers from the Kaisercraft 6" Christmas Paper Pad free with a Simply Cards magazine from last year

Friday, September 20, 2013

Another day

The house next door has been sold and the new owners have been tidying up. They tossed this ball over the fence thinking they were returning it home.  Two Jack Russell's did not complain!  Alot of noise and teeth!
Just wondering how long it is going to last?

 I have been trying to us up some of the stash!
The below cards are made from patterned paper
by Kate Knight - free with a Cardmaking magazine
Those MFT dies are out again and I have found the edge punches too

Thursday, September 19, 2013

MFT Card

Three days in a row - no wonder it has been cold here!

A card and bookmark for a friend for her birthday.
Using the serviette over a stamped image and the the card constructed with MFT dies.
I do love the MFT dies as I am finding the Spellbinders (also a favorite) are getting to ornate.

  Below are the crochet flowers I have been making.  Mum gave me a pile of crochet cottons she had left from different projects over the years, so have been using them up.  Found some great patterns on the net, thank you to those that had their patterns to share.  Had to convert the abbreviations on some patterns to the English terminology as we ended up with some strange looking flowers!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

MFT Roses

Two cards to share with you using the MFT Hybrid Heirloom Rose dies and Fishtail dies

Valentine's cards for DH

Birthday card for mum