Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Weekends Craft Time

Friday I had a great time making silk paper. Below is three samples - the blue piece is big enough to try and make a hand bag and the other two I will make postcards from them.

I then had a play with the paper napkins I found and made some fabric paper backgrounds.

The above piece of fabric paper with all the lines on I was going to try some embroidery on using the ideas from the Bridget Hoff book Paper Quilting and from the CPS artticle by Annette Morgan. This will give me something to do on a Wednesday night. Looking forward to our craft evening tonight to see all the things Deb has been upto this Easter.

My ATC sent to NZ for my first ATC swap so looking forward to going to the post office today to see what has arrived in the mail. Easter has slowed the mail down! The ATC was made fusing a napkin onto felt, free motion stitching the flower in No 12 cotton, sealing the card with Acrylic Wax and the attaching the beads. Great fun to make so have some ideas for the pieces I made above.


Debbi Baker said...

Hi Annie - everything looks wonderful and I can't wait to see the bags you make with that stunning silk paper!! Hope your inchies arrive tomorrow - you'll love them!

Jacky said...

Your silk papers and paper napkin fabrics are beautiful. I am going to have to have a play with my collection of paper napkins this weekend!!! Thanks for the inspiration (and thanks Deb for the link to this blog).